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Matt Ogens - Huff Post - RYOT

Emmy Nominated LA Louvre Augmented Reality Museum for Huff Post and RYOT

Director Matt Ogens–who’s with production house Bullitt–and HuffPost RYOT teamed to document a journey that takes a group of fifth grade students to the Louvre Museum without leaving Los Angeles. HuffPost RYOT used augmented reality technology to bring the Louvre directly to the kids. The documentary film shows just how easy it is to take these students on a true journey transcending space and geography through immersive technology. Read more…

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“North” Narrative Feature

Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sophie Kennedy Clark and Jacob Lofland are embarking on a post-apocalyptic journey in the first photos from new indie film North, which recently began principal photography in Detroit.

Director Matt Ogens is helming the film, which follows Lofland and Clark’s characters as they venture into the unknown in the wake of cataclysmic events to find family and a hope for the future.

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